Sophia knew just how hard it was to find a fashion-forward bikini with a curve accentuating design, and what better way to make that perfect design and brand than with a female team?Our 100% female team is dedicated to perfecting our fit, designs, and brand from start to finish. Our team is ethically employed, working in healthy and safe conditions while receiving an above-average living wage. Most importantly, we are always kind to each other. Our team is compassionate, supportive, and caring - a lovely place to work. We know that ethical fashion is a term used loosely in the fashion industry today. As a brand using this term, we wanted to explain in detail how we are following through with our promise.We consciously design & hand make our items in the same building located in Miami, Florida. This keeps the carbon footprint of each garment to an absolute minimum. Our goal is to create garments that make our customers feel confident in their own skin. In addition, certain products are made to order, and we only produce what is needed to meet the demand.


We value ethical and sustainable practices. Our earth & friends always come first. We do not mass produce and will always prioritize ethical practices. Our goal is to minimize waste, so we make limited productions using lycra made of recycled plastic water bottles. Our items are made start to finish in our in-house factory, we also reduce our carbon footprint.ECONYL@ our swimwear fabric is fashion with the most negligible environmental impact possible; this sustainable fabric is made from recycled plastics and fishnets. Saving about 92% of energy, reducing CO2 emissions by 72% only in the production of the fiber, & benefiting more than 50,000 families of waste recyclers. Our goal by the beginning of 2022 is to design a collection made up of all sustainable fabrics.All of our swimwear bags are produced of 100% recycled materials. This packaging can be reused as a cosmetic, beach, or wet bikini bag. Our poly-mailers and tissue paper are also produced of decomposable recycled materials. Our packaging is a step toward ending the use of environmentally harmful materials. As our company grows, we will work to make all packaging accessories recycled.