How have you stayed positive in 2020?

I always remind myself of the things in life that I am grateful for rather than lingering on the negative. So for me, quarantine is a time to reflect, be creative, connect with your family, eat HEALTHY, and always take time out of your day to release the unnecessary pressure and stress because that will hold you back always.

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What inspires your style?

I would say a lot of 90s movies and every now and then I will go on fashion icons pages to see what they’re wearing and not copy them but try to give it my own twist.

What makes you feel most confident?

When my outfit and hair is on point... my strut is for sure different.

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What advice can you give to girls to help them find their confidence?

Your exterior will reflect how you feel about yourself. Therefore, love your entire being. Embrace your body, your skin, your entire self. The second you “love yourself, you and everybody around you will see that. Keep your head up, do whatever makes you happy.

What’s your favorite positive affirmation? 

“Don’t get bitter. Get better.”

“Are you good enough? Yes I am.” -Michelle Obama 

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How do you feel in Heart of Sun?

Heart of Sun brings me back to the some of the best times in my life. I feel sexy and vibrant in their pieces. 

What’s your favorite bikini & coverup from the girl’s day collection?

Malibu Top & Candy / Martini Top Starburst

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How do you get the perfect instagram picture?

Lighting is everything. I also have certain poses installed in my mind that are my go to. However, sometimes I like to switch it up and move around for a good candid shot. Always take a deep breath so you look relaxed.

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