What is your age and zodiac sign?     

26 + Aries

Fav Heart of Sun product? And why?

Every piece of Heart of Sun Swim is super iconic but my ultimate favorite pieces are the Electra bikini top and the Electra bikini bottom paired with the mini skirt in the iris color.

What are your current spring essentials? 

A good pair of denim, sneakers, and scarves! 

Can you describe your perfect spring day? 

Walk in the park being outside, going to coffee shops, and wearing my favorite spring jacket!

What can someone find in your beach bag? 

Always SPF, a good lip balm, and my point-and-shoot camera.

What influences your style and how do you think it evolves? 

Most of the influence in my style is new collections and whatever city I am in! Being comfortable and sexy all at the same time also plays a huge role in what I wear. I feel like my style has evolved as to what it was last year, as you grow older you dress in a more mature way. 

As a woman, what makes you feel the most confident? 

As a woman what makes me feel the most confident is having knowledge and being healthy.

If you could give your younger self advice, what would it be? 

Life is a roller coaster, sometimes up and sometimes down! And nothing lasts forever!

What’s something you’d want girls taking away from this blog?

     Be yourself, because every other body is already taken. live every day to the fullest.