Ah, the Hadid family. From Gigi to Bella and Yolanda, this genetically blessed clan has conquered the fashion world in their own uniquely fabulous way. With a reign that stretches from Los Angeles to New York City and beyond, it's no surprise that the Hadids are now making us swoon even when we least expect it. So let's dive into how these dynamic siblings styled up their run-around-town ensembles and made headlines worldwide!
Bold, beautiful, and inspiring - that's Bella! After dominating the modeling world for over a decade, she had an incredible breakthrough in 2016. Not only was she named "Model of The Year" at Daily Front Row's Fashion Los Angeles Awards, but she also made it to's Top List – no small feat! This fashionista is not just slaying on runways; through her style choices, she empowers women everywhere with confidence and boldness.

Despite all this success amidst glamorous surroundings, Bella stays firmly rooted by encouraging self-love among people, as evidenced by her advice about unlearning toxic body image behavior given in Cosmopolitan magazine recently: "I am who I am, And I don't need to change for anybody else," an idea we wholeheartedly embrace here at Heart Of Sun!


On a sunny August day, Sophia's dream came true when her idol Bella posted in the "HALO | SLATE," one of Heart of Sun's newest designs. The 90s-inspired swimsuit with its luxe Italian ribbed lycra was sure to flatter all women and would become an instant classic that could be worn by all babes. Months later, Bella graced Instagram once again by wearing another timeless design - the “COCO SUGAR | MILK” – causing a flood of emotions for Sophia who had created these beautiful pieces for everyone to enjoy!


Yolanda Hadid, mother of model Bella and ex-"Real Housewives" star, proudly wore Heart of Sun's "MY DARLING | MILK" beachside in the Hamptons recently. It is clear that Yolanda has shared her love for fashion with three gorgeous children; two prominent models in their own right and a dashing television personality!
Reminiscing through both ladies' Instagram feeds reveals plenty that unites them: beautiful depictions of dual success within the modeling world! The iconic duo demonstrates great style while staying true to their roots - it makes us proud every time we review a post from this inspiring family.